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The Purchase or Sale of a business can often sail along smoothly until the detailed conveyancing Agreements have to be drafted and executed. Understanding business realities, and working as a team member with your management team, MP-CCL offers clients experience and superior negotiating skills to assist them in making it successfully through these choppy waters.

The structure of an acquisition/disposition should be designed to maximize tax advantages whether it is an equity or asset based transaction. The goal is always to work with your Accounting firm, proactively planning so as to maintain the highest returns for your corporation's bottom line. State of the art E-Commerce technology will be used to make your transactions fast, efficient, profitable and of the highest professional calibre.



The ongoing day-to-day business activities in today's complex global economy require a firm grasp on relevant legal issues. Dealing with customers at home and abroad requires efficient and knowledgeable advice to assist in drafting contracts to better identifying and managing liability and enforcement issues on a proactive basis. Included in these areas, MP-CCL assists clients on such matters as contract negotiation and preparation, warranty claims, product liability, insurance matters, employment issues, negligence issues, intellectual property (patents, trademark, copyright), trade, customs, environmental compliance.



If you require financing, call upon MP-CCL experience in providing legal assistance to both financial institutions and borrowers alike in the preparation of a financial agreements and security documentation. MP-CCL also assists clients with the determination or priorities as well as with the enforcement of security.



Your corporate structure can affect your tax liability as well as your potential ongoing legal liability. By providing sound professional advice on amalgamations, mergers, and other corporate restructurings, your business can be placed in a more strategic position for the road ahead.



Understanding and advancing your rights as a shareholder often requires a solid understanding of corporate governance issues. Whether you require the drafting, interpretation or enforcement of a Shareholders Agreement, or you want to assert your minority of majority equity position - good legal advice is very important. MP-CCL offers clients up-to-date case law and legislation to assist them in making informed decisions. Often, disputes among shareholders can only be solved with the assistance of a professional legal negotiator. MP-CCL assists clients in achieving agreements and consensus among shareholders, helping them fulfill their objectives within their Corporation.



If you are setting up a new business venture, or reorganizing in the event of an acquisition, professional advice is offered to assist you. Knowing your options between jurisdictions, as well as the benefits of various capital structures can be important business tools.



MP-CCL offers clients professional legal assistance for all aspects of residential, commercial and industrial real property conveyancing. Experienced advice and assistance is available for commercial landowners and real estate developers on issues such as subdivision and zoning, leasing and mortgaging, expropriation, and environmental issues. Using the state of the art PLANET internet land registry database systems, the fastest and most accurate advice is at your fingertips.

Personal Property electronic registry systems have been put in place in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, rendering the registration and searching of corporate personal property security fast, and cost effective. Experienced advice is available to assist you in the creation of General Security documentation and priority determinations.



When commercial disputes cannot be resolved without resorting to litigation, take advantage of extensive litigation experience representing clients before the Nova Scotia Supreme Court, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal, the New Brunswick Court of Queen's Bench, the New Brunswick Court of Appeal as well as the Federal Court of Canada.



MP-CCL acts as agent for out of Province legal professionals, businesses and institutions when a local presence is required for the undertaking of legal procedures.



Personal Advocacy
Bringing your issues to the fore can be greatly enhanced with the assistance of direct professional representation. Communicating the right message, to the right people, at the right time, is vital.

Government Policy Watch
The wrong information or a lack of timely and accurate information can often lead to problems. MP-CCL assits clients in monitoring all aspects of government policy to help you avoid potential roadblocks.

MP-CCL advises clients on policy, regulation, legislation, procedure, and bureaucratic practice. MP-CCL also advises its clients on all matters affecting their relationships with government decision-makers.

International Investment
Breaking into the Canadian marketplace can be an intimidating task for foreign corporations. MP-CCL offers its international clients a local presence and knowledge base from which to maximize the benefits of their relationships with the public sector.

Strategic Planning
Establishing and meeting the goals in your long and short term planning requires perspective and skill. MP-CCL offers its clients the skills and experience to set and obtain their desired results.

Case Presentation
How your position is presented to government is as important as what you have to say. Crafting your communications and documentation with proper focus and wordsmithing is important in getting your message across in the most persuasive manner.

Access to Information
Provincial and Federal Access to Information Legislation provide valuable tools for gathering information. MP-CCL counsels clients on how best to use the process to their advantage and undertake formal action on their behalf.



Taking Care of Your Business

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